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Jiangsu dimond Bearing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technical service enterprise for rolling mill bearings. For more than ten years, the company has always adhered to the brand positioning of "more durable rolling mill bearing", and continued to create high-quality "DMD" rolling mill bearing! It has cooperated with Xinxing Jihua Group, CITIC Pacific special steel group, Baotou Steel Group and other large steel companies for many years. And Tianjin Xinyu, Shandong Huafeng, Zhejiang southeast and other pioneers in China's cold rolling industry, successfully carried out localization replacement of imported bearings. And with Yunnan Aluminum, Nanshan aluminum, Chujiang new material and other non-ferrous industries to provide ultra-high precision bearings. In the next ten years, we will unite and expand our strategic partners, actively respond to the national dream of becoming a powerful manufacturing country, and improve the platform for large and medium-sized enterprises. For customers and partners to achieve greater value and forge ahead!


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